FAQ, Important Contact Info, Forms, and Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What do we need to sign the lease?
When signing the lease, all tenants must be present, and all security deposits must be paid at the time of the signing, unless mailing arrangements have been made prior to signing.
  • What is the price of the Security Deposit? 
$400 per tenant for Fall and Spring.  $300 per 3-person apartment for Summer.
  • Do you have single semester leases?
We do NOT do single semester leases.  If you do not come to school in the spring, you WILL still legally be responsible for the rent payment.
  • When is rent due?  Can I pay my rent monthly?
Normal rent is due August 15 and December 15.  We do NOT accept monthly nor any other payment plan.  For every 15 days past the due date, there will be a $50 late fee assessed.
  • Can I pay rent after my student loan is disbursed?
The answer is maybe.  We do not automatically accept rent payments past August and December due to student loan disbursement times.  Any student loan rent payment date forgiveness must be discussed with us prior to signing the lease.
  • What types of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, check, or credit cards. 
  • What does a "Joint and Several Lease" mean?
This means you are ALL responsible for ALL of the rent.  If your roommate doesn’t come back to school, or doesn’t pay his/her portion of the rent, you will ALL be responsible for his/her rent payment.  This is VERY important to understand.  We are not renting a room to you individually for your portion of the rent, the apartment is rented collectively to the group for the whole amount shown on the lease.
  • If a signed tenant drops out before the lease term begins, what do we do?  If I find during the Fall semester that I cannot come to school for the Spring semester, what do I do?
Let us know right away.  The sooner we know these things, the more chance there is to fix the situation.  The people who signed the lease are ultimately responsible, even if you or a roommate is not coming to school.  We try to be very flexible in these situations, as long as the solution results in full rent payment for the entire lease term.  You must understand that it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find an acceptable solution, not ours.  The common solutions are:
  • Find a replacement.  This is likely the best solution for all involved.  If you find someone, we will be happy to replace the lost person on the lease with the new person.
  • Remaining roommates agree to pay the extra rent.  Some people choose this as well, and we are fine with it.  We will need written agreement from the remaining tenants that they have been informed and understand that they will owe additional rent.
  • The lost tenant pays even if he/she will not live there. 
  • What are move in and move out dates
    • Move-In: 10am, Saturday before classes start (August)
    • Move-Out: 12pm, Saturday of finals week (May)
  • What needs to be done before we can move in?
All security and fall rents must be paid in full, and you must have the utilities transferred to one of the tenants names.   
  • Can we move in early, or stay past our lease term?
Possibly.  It depends on what is happening with your apartment before and after your lease term.  This can only be determined on a case by case basis.  For moving in early or staying late, we charge $25 per day. 
  • Can we sublet to someone else?
Yes.  However, we don't issue "subleases".  We will amend the original lease with new tenants, and adjust according to the given situation.  In all cases, please inform of us of your intentions. 
  • In case of an emergency, who do we call?
If it is a life threatening emergency, please call the appropriate civic organization, which would be an ambulance, the police, or the fire department.  If it is a maintenance issue, please call Bob @ 570-204-7204. 

Move-In Procedures and Information
The following list provide links to the move-in procedures and information for the various 2M locations:
Move-Out Procedure and Information
The following link provides the move-out procedures and information for all 2M locations:
Utility Billing Transfer
You must transfer the all utility billing information into your name prior to move-in.  To do so, contact the proper utilities as per the list below.  For electricity (PP&L), you may use the following forms:
Important Contact Information

 UtilityContact Number
Electric (PP&L)
Water Company (United)
Gas Company
Oil Company (Boyer)
Cable Company
Telephone Company (Verizon)